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Coco Fusco

COCO FUSCO is an artist and writer based in New York.

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back? Thoughts about the Donelle Woolford Debate

The recent decision by the Black artists group Yams Collective to withdraw from the Whitney Biennial in protest of the show's inclusion of Joe Scanlan's alter ego Donelle Woolford has forced a long-standing private conversation among artists of color into public view.

Coco Fusco

Like so many others, I am deeply indebted to Linda Nochlin's scholarship and feminist vision.

Art World Voodoo

Los Angeles in the late 1970s. “Hotel California” on the radio. Ponytails, bell-bottoms, and psychedelic sex.


Much virtual ink has been spilled of late about how an excess of money has “spoiled” the art world, but the discussion has been focused on the dubious effects of wealth, the dominance of art fairs over biennials, and the power of collectors and dealers over critics and curators.

Coco Fusco

Most Americans have no access to art education, period. Funding for art education in public schools has been on the decline for decades. In general, art education starts too late for those who are interested in making art.


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SEPT 2023

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