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Cleve Wiese

Cleve Wiese is pursuing a Master’s degree in journalism at NYU and lives in Williamsburg.

Seeds of Change

Flanked by a handful of former Riker’s Island inmates, John Cannizzo gleefully surveys a tangled mass of stems, branches and leaves protruding from the back of an overloaded truck outside the Martin Luther King Housing Project in Harlem. “Just look at this one, a real beauty,” he says, caressing a sickly-looking three-foot shrub. “It even has a bud for next spring.”

Nonfiction: Lynching Darkness

A David Lynch “celebrity memoir” would be a blasphemous contradiction in terms. How could a filmmaker build a career on disturbingly irreducible abstractions and succeed—in Hollywood, no less—then turn around and buy into such a decadent genre?

Third Party Beethoven

Strange as it sounds, sitting in Carnegie Hall listening to a virtuoso string quartet play some of Beethoven’s most sublime compositions, I kept thinking about Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange.


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