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CLAYTON ESHLEMAN is the author of numerous books of poetry, including, in 2008, The Grindstone of Rapport / A Clayton Eshleman Reader, Clayton Eshleman / The Essential Poetry 1960-2015 and most recently Penetralia (all from Black Widow). Eshleman has published sixteen collections of translations, including Watchfiends & Rack Screams by Antonin Artaud (Exact Change, 1995), The Complete Poetry of César Vallejo with a Foreword by Mario Vargas Llosa (University of California Press, 2007), and Aimé Césaire: The Collected Poetry (co-translated with Annette Smith, University of California Press, 1983). Most recently, Wesleyan Press brought out a 900 page bilingual edition of The Complete Poetry of Aimé Césaire, co-translated with A. James Arnold Eshleman also founded and edited two of the most innovative poetry journals of the later part of the 20th century: Caterpillar (20 issues, 1967-1973) and Sulfur (46 issues, 1981-2000). Doubleday-Anchor published A Caterpillar Anthology in 1971 and Wesleyan in November 2015 published a 700 page Sulfur Anthology. His website is

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