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Christy Lemaster

CHRISTY LEMASTER is the founder and director of Chicago's rough-and-ready microcinema, The Nightingale, and teaches Critical Studies at Columbia College, Chicago. She is currently programming events for TRACERS, Chances Dances 10th Anniversary Retrospective, and co-curating Run of Life, a documentary series for the Chicago experimental media venue Constellation.

Cheap Seats

As the director of The Nightingale, a microcinema in Chicago, I often find myself standing around talking about the contemporary state of moving image work, and usually just as some concrete progress on the topic is made, somebody asks where the bathroom is and we are back to square one.

Keren Cytter

Watching all nine of the video pieces currently on view at the Keren Cytter solo show at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago would take you about as long as settling in for the latest Hollywood blockbuster, but Keren Cytter probably would prefer you didn’t get too comfortable.


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