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Christopher Thomas Allen

Christopher Thomas Allen is a media artist and filmmaker from London. He established The Light Surgeons with a group of like-minded friends while studying Media Design at Portsmouth University in 1994. His work has always crossed a diverse range of different media; from his background in graphic design and photography, he has gone on to direct and produce award-winning short films, music videos, and motion graphics work. He works on all aspects of projects at The Light Surgeons as a producer, director, and collaborating multimedia artist in his own right. He has been central in the creation of countless large-scale installation projects, curated exhibitions, and helped to pioneer a whole new approach to multimedia performance art through The Light Surgeons live cinema projects.

Christopher Thomas Allen

I have always been influenced by my tools and different processes in my work, particularly when there’s a happy accident to be created. I became fascinated with light and projection at a very early age, having a father who was a photographer and being exposed to the wonder of home cine films by my mother.


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