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Christopher Stackhouse

Christopher Stackhouse is a Writing Faculty at Bloomfield College, Center for Technology+Creativity, MFA Program. He continues to work as a wine consultant while also writing about art and culture. His published books and essays include Plural (Counterpath Press), co-author with John Keene of Seismosis (1913 Press), contributor to Basquiat: The Unknown Notebooks (Skira Rizzoli). He is currently completing a monograph of the work of painter Stanley Whitney for the publisher Lund Humphries.

A LETTER TO CINDY SHERMAN from Christopher Stackhouse

I’ve yet to see your show in the Tisch Gallery at MoMA, but I just received an e-mail from a friend with a link to Jed Perl’s review in the New Republic, “The Irredeemably Boring Egotism of Cindy Sherman” (March 14, 2012).


Christopher Stackhouse is a writer, artist, curator and critic. His books include image/text collaboration with writer John Keene, Seismosis (1913 press); and a volume of poems, Plural(Counterpath press.) With artists Jared Friedman and Jomar Statkun, Stackhouse is a founding member of the roving artists in residence project This Red Door.

Young, Black, Rich and Haitian

Not quite three years ago I started working in a wine shop in Brooklyn Heights. In September of that year I had just been informed that a contract I expected to receive to teach as an adjunct professor at an art school in Baltimore City during the autumn semester was not going to be delivered. After a few semesters, years prior of costs, commuting every Sunday from Brooklyn via Amtrak or Bolt Bus to spend two nights in cheap faculty housing, devising seminar material, and spending an 11 hour day working with art students, the lost gig was still money that needed to be replaced. When I prorated the actual hours it took to teach at the college, comparably the pay was about the same.


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