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Christian Roselund

Christian Roselund is a writer based in Brooklyn.

RNC Turns the Screws on NYC

As the city gears up for the Republican invasion, and the prospects for massive protests loom, the NYC 2004 Host Committee is scrambling to get ready.

Remembering Huey Long

As the economic crisis deepens, our nation is continually reminded of the Great Depression. News articles and pundits regularly make comparisons to the troubled times of the 1930s, even if only to remind us that this disaster is not yet as bad.

The Billionaires Get Ready

Andrew Boyd, founder of Billionaires for Bush, is excited these days. November is a long way off, way too far to call anything related to the presidential election. However, his street theater group is getting a lot of press these days, whether they are mocking Bush fundraisers in Long Island, calling for “four more wars” at the one-year anniversary demonstration against the war in Iraq or thanking the poor working suckers of America on April 15th for “paying our share so we don’t have to.”


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