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Charles Duncan

CHARLES DUNCAN is Executive Director of the Richard Pousette-Dart Foundation.

Guest Critic

Visual Arts Archives and Artists’ Legacies

Archives and their relationships to artists’ legacies are fascinatingly dense. “The archive” denotes both a theoretical construct and an actual collection of information types, be they physical or virtual. In the domain of the visual arts, archival collections had, until recently, largely been defined as conglomerations of documentation about works of art, their creators, and the contexts in which both are actualized.

In Conversation

LINDA MARY MONTANO with Charles Duncan

On the occasion of her exhibition From Chakras to Glands at the Muroff Kotler Visual Arts Gallery, SUNY Ulster (October 13 – November 11, 2011) and the release of her video Starved Survivors, performance and video artist Linda Mary Montano spoke with Charles Duncan about her current work, Catholic reawakening, and aging.

Breathing Lights

Breathing Lights is a large-scale, multi-city public art installation that aims to draw attention to vacant residential buildings in the Capital District of New York State.


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