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Carol Wierzbicki

Carol Wierzbickiis the editor of the forthcoming anthology, The Worst Book I Ever Read.

In Conversation

Eve Packer with Carol Wierzbicki

Eve Packer is one of those people who comes off on-stage like an in-your-face diva with plenty of ‘tude, but when I got to know her, I discovered a down-to-earth, like-minded soul who shares my skepticism about the frenetic development going on all around town. Recently, we discussed her beginnings as a poet/performer; her book Playland: Poems 1994-2004 (Fly By Night Press, 2005), about the grittier aspects of Times Square; her jazz collaborations with musicians Noah Howard and others; what it was like to have her work displayed in a designer boutique; and, of course, gentrification. In her “spare time” Packer teaches and runs a loose collective of poets called What Happens Next.

POETRY: For the Fat of Mind

Celebrity athletes, direct-mail promo copy, popular sitcoms, even business lunches—these are the deliciously weird found objects Sala, a veteran of the advertising world, chooses to dissect, in all their unintentional irony. ...

Fiction: Angels Among Us

Two angels masquerade as a hair stylist and a head attendant at the Sunnyside nursing home in Hog Temple, Texas.

Gayle Force

Tribute albums are a proud tradition in the jazz world. Tapping that vein, Steve Dalachinsky has devoted an entire book of poems to one artist—seventy-year-old avant-garde saxophonist Charles Gayle, a veteran of the New York free-jazz scene of the sixties and a fixture in the Downtown improv world since the early eighties. ...


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