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Carlos Brillembourg

Brillembourg is the founder of Carlos Brillembourg Architects in New York.

Guest Critic

The Demolition Game

What is the role of architecture in the eyes of the patrons and trustees of our museums? How does patronage influence the curators and the interaction of the public with the art displayed?

In Conversation

KENNETH FRAMPTON with Carlos Brillembourg

On the occasion of his recent 80th birthday celebration, Kenneth Frampton, the legendary architect, critic, historian, and Ware Professor of Architecture at the Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation at Columbia University, where he has taught since 1972, stopped by Carlos Brillembourg’s SoHo studio to talk about his work.

MoMA: How to Look at Modern Art-Brillembourg

Today a few architects make architecture that looks like sculpture and a few artists are making sculpture that looks like architecture.

In Conversation

DAN GRAHAM with Carlos Brillembourg

Carlos Brillembourg and Dan Graham spoke at length about contemporary architecture, Graham’s deep knowledge of which comes from his reading of the complex history of modern architecture and the subtle interconnections between different architects, their lives and the cities where they worked.

Railing Opinion: Dore Ashton and Carlos Brillembourg on Post 9/11

The recent assaults on “public” radio and television in our privatized culture made full use of political jargon that has an ominous history. I noticed particularly the word “liberal.” Have we forgotten that the Nazis used the word to denounce academics and artists (not to mention scientists, as in their denunciation of “liberal biologists,” i.e. Darwinians)? These are dangerous times, and they require alertness, because, as Mr. Rumsfeld reminded us, “stuff happens.” It’s not that it can’t happen here.


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