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Cammisa Buerhaus

CAMMISA BUERHAUS is a sound artist and actress based in NYC. She uses image and sound to synthesize critiques of politics and gender through voice. Her film Private Lives recently screened at The Knockdown, Spectacle Theatre, and Hyle Athens. She currently stars as Hillary Clinton for Cecilia Corrigan’s film series Motherland and as Beatrice in Richard Maxwell’s play The Evening. In 2016, she has presented sound art at the Whitney Museum of American Art, a two-person exhibition at Moiety, and standup comedy as Monica Lewinsky at Metro Pictures Project Space. Other current collaborative projects include the improv duo 大凶風呂 and a waterfall-based band with Ragnhild May. Her work has been reviewed in The Wire, Artforum, and Texte Zur Kunst.

In Conversation

LIMPE FUCHS with Cammisa Buerhaus

In the summer of 2014, Limpe Fuchs lived in a glass house in the mountains of Bavaria, where she arranged her serpentinite stones in a line and crouched over them, tapping the pieces of granite gently with a mallet to make them sing. She sent me that recording on a CD-R, and as I ripped the audio, I noticed a digital glitch at the three-minute mark.


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