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Camille de Toledo

CAMILLE DE TOLEDO is a writer, poet, thinker, and visual artist. He is the author of over ten books, each of which defines its own form. Amongst them: Visiter le Flurkistan ou les illusions de la literature monde (Visiting Flurkistan or the Illusions of World Literature, 2008); Oublier, trahir, puis disparaître (Forgetting, Betraying, then Disappearing, 2014).

What I Am Working On

Vertigo, in-between-ness, translation, expansion of the real, of what is named “real,” understanding our task, both as thinkers, poets, writers, artists, and political bodies, as an effort to expand our conception of the real, struggling against the domination of conservative narratives [. . .]


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SEPT 2023

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