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C. Denby Swanson

C. Denby Swanson is a Texas girl, a former Jerome & McKnight fellow, and an alumna of the Lark Theater, where her play The Death of a Cat was workshopped as part of Playwright Week 2005.

In Dialogue

Cruising Through The Lost and Found with Lisa D’Amour

Outside the Playwrights' Center in Minneapolis, I have exactly one hour to talk to the Obie-award winning combo of Lisa D’Amour and director Katie Pearl (who were recognized this spring, along with fellow collaborator Kathy Randels, for Nita & Zita). We’ve known each other for a while and share common theater roots in Austin, Texas; they’ve worked together extensively. We are all working on projects at PlayLabs: theirs is Lisa’s new play, Cataract; mine is as dramaturg for Laurie Carlos.

Nobody’s Happy About the Beatings, but Attitudes Don’t Change Overnight

A bunch of us here in Texas have for the last six years been wildly embarrassed about our state’s exports: George. Enron. Anna Nicole. There are just some things that shouldn’t be let out of the yard.

In Dialogue

White girl, I mean Greek girl, got flavor: Angela Kariotis

FronteraFest is the largest fringe festival in the southwest and, I betcha, the most populist. It is an unjuried, first-come-first-served, four-week grassroots bacchanalia of performance in Austin, Texas.

In Dialogue

in dialogue: Fast and Loose, with Ethics

If you discover an awful secret, should you tell? Should we base our ethical decisions on principles, or only on consequences? Must we really take the interests of others into consideration? Are there intrinsically right and wrong acts?


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