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Dining Car

The trick to Mediterranean cooking, says of the Rail’s many gourmands, involves taking the freshest ingredients and soaking them in savory marinades. Under Chef Diego Gonzalez, many of the tapas at Allioli have no reached that desired state of seasoned and grilled bliss.

If You See Something, Say Something...

You’re tired, you’re cranky, you just want to be left alone—you enter the subway and a stranger hands you a postcard: “It’s about the Iraq War; It’s free.” Looking at the picture and reading the text, it’s not about you anymore—but in fact it is.

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October on Track Selected Current and Coming Events

The New Skool Goes to Bed-Stuy

Neither rain nor sleet nor snow could keep could keep the young writers in the New Skool Journalism Workshop from their beat in Bedford-Stuyvesant. Through a collaboration with Urban Word (formerly Youth Speaks NY) and the Brooklyn Rail, the young journos confronted stereotypes, expectations and surprises while reporting on community-based arts in the Brooklyn neighborhood. The results bear out the effort, insight and commitment the crew brought to the series of Saturdays late last fall. Special thanks to Tricia Baird who gracefully endured a bit of rain of her own! —Knox Robinson and Meghan McDermott

Want to know The Hole Truth? Ask Randy Bob!

Randy Bob is a fast-thinking river Hoosier living at the butt end of the prairie. With common sense answers to life’s uncommon questions, he is a Tom Joad figure for the hopeless and semi-ruined who hunger for a second chance in the lottery of life. Address all inquiries and proposals of marriage to [email protected].


Jackie McAllister (1962–2012)


The Brooklyn Rail congratulates the marriage of Louise Fishman and Ingrid Nyeboe

Prose Roundup March 2008

The Book of Other PeopleZadie Smith, ed.(Penguin, 2007) Travels in the ScriptoriumPaul Auster(Picador, 2007) SalvageJane F. Kotapish(MacAdam/Cage, 2007) Now You See HimEli Gottlieb(William Morrow, 2008)


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