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Brian Schaefer

BRIAN SCHAEFER has written for the New York Times, Philadelphia Inquirer, Haaretz and the Jerusalem Post, among others. A sampling of articles can be found at He tweets from @MyTwoLeftFeet.

So This Dance Walks Into a Museum...

You roam through a museum differently at night; it becomes a playground of sorts. And when there are performances popping up in hidden corners, it does feel like art has come to life.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Faye Driscoll’s World

Faye Driscoll’s Thank You for Coming: Attendance, which opened at Danspace Project on March 6 and is the first in a series of related works planned over the next few years, is a strange trip. You have to hitchhike your way through it, never quite knowing what you’ll encounter, where you’ll end up, or what may be required of you along the way.

On the Runway with Cedar Lake

All of the dancers of Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet are abnormally attractive, but that’s not why they remind me of fashion models. It’s because, like models, they are blank canvases for the extravagant dances they wear.


The Seventh Regiment Armory has been a temple of service and splendor for much of its history. Completed in 1880 in the Gothic Revival style, the dramatic brick building served as base camp for a volunteer militia made of the sons of Gilded Age titans: Vanderbilt. Roosevelt. Livingston.

The Library, the Church, and the Riot

The New York Public Library outpost on Sixth Avenue at 10th Street is one of those buildings you walk by on your way to somewhere else. When it is your destination and you arrive for the first time, you may turn a few circles on the corner before realizing that the Victorian Gothic structure in front of you—with its solemn stone façade, arched stained glass windows, and spiked spire—is in fact the library’s Jefferson Market Branch.

The Knife, The Moon, and The Grace of Jesus

Jodi Melnick appears fragile and harmless, until she wields a knife. Much of “Moment Marigold,” her new work for three dancers that premiered October 8 – 11, proceeds with benign nonchalance.

Romantic Ballet, Victorian Morals, and the Wisdom of Sondheim

The Baker’s Wife said it best: “These are dangerous woods.” So she learned after adulterously kissing the prince in Stephen Sondheim’s classic musical Into the Woods—a deed for which she’ll later pay.


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