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Blake Gopnik

Blake Gopnik is writing a comprehensive biography of Andy Warhol for HarperCollins.

In Defense of Faking It

In November, I published a New York Times essay headlined “In Praise of Art Forgeries .” Nothing I have written has provoked as strong a reaction— including the response by philosopher Alva Noë in these pages. I have since realized that my article touched such a nerve because it raised issues that seemed to dance around art but which are actually central to it.

Clichés Lead Critics Down Slippery Slope

I’m so fond of my now-endangered profession as a mass-media art critic that I don’t want to see massive changes to it. I merely want to see its content transformed.

Andy Warhol, Sleep (1963)

From the beginning, some observers—even some Warhol fans; even (sometimes) Warhol himself—have claimed that his durational movies were conceptual works whose essence lay in their premises, not in the experience of seeing them.


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