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Bill Jensen

Bill Jensen is an artist. He lives in New York.

Notes on Albert Pinkham Ryder

Introduction A curator of a small university museum I met through an exhibit I curated two years ago in Greenpoint Brooklyn, Homage to Albert Pinkham Ryder, spoke often of expanding the project to greater significance.

Carl Plansky In Memorial (1951-2009)

Thinking about Carl’s life, some of the things I know about him come from firsthand experience and some from stories Carl and other people told me. Carl led a very expansive and complex life for someone whose life was cut a little short.

Missing Vita

Vita Dear Vita // Colors hued to tight transitions / Non-Referential // Monastic studio practice / Endless belief, deep dedication

In Conversation

Bill Jensen and David Hinton

The friendship of painter Bill Jensen and poet/translator extraordinaire David Hinton grew out of a shared interest in Eastern philosophy, Chinese poetry and painting, and other related subjects—and it is a friendship that seems to deepen as the years pass.

A Tribute to Connie Reyes-Corrigan (1929–2006)

You showed us that a cat’s life was not so bad. You said everything you do is about art. You gave us all the courage and permission to be ourselves. You could always see the absurdity of this life. You taught us the Umbrella Dance.

A Touch of Tao

There have been maybe millions of crucifixion paintings made, and so few of them clearly and convincingly communicate that feeling of deep tragedy that generations keep responding to.


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