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Betty Shamieh

Betty Shamieh is currently the NEA/TCG playwright-in-residence at Magic Theater, and her recent productions include Chocolate in Heat (The Tank), The Black Eyed (New York Theatre Workshop, Theatre Fournos of Athens), The Machine (Naked Angels), and Roar (The New Group). Her play Territories, which premiered at the Magic, will be produced as part of the inaugural theatrical events of the European Union's Capital of Culture Festival in 2009.

Excerpt: from Roar

Hala, Karema, and Irene enter. Irene carries Hala’s luggage.

in dialogue: Emotional/Political Danger Zones

In 1989, Joseph Papp asked a Palestinian theater troupe that had grown out of the Hakawati (Storyteller) Theatre group in Jerusalem to bring their play The Story of Kufur Shamma to the Public Theater after its critically acclaimed run in Europe.

The Art of Countering Despair: Naomi Wallace

There is something particularly devastating about being invisible. Having no representation of your ethnic group on-stage, I often think, is even harder than only having stereotypical portrayals.


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