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Ben Tanzer

Ben Tanzer is an Emmy-award winning coach, creative strategist, podcaster, writer, teacher and social worker who has been helping nonprofits, publishers, authors, students, small business owners and career changers tell their stories for over 20 years. As an author, Ben has had eight books published, and been a nominee for Pushcart and StorySouth awards, a finalist at the 13th Annual National Indie Excellence Awards and 2019 Eric Hoffer Book Awards for Be Cool - a memoir (sort of), the recipient of the 2015 Devil's Kitchen Literary Festival Nonfiction Prose Award for his essay collection Lost in Space and a Bronze medalist at the 2015 Independent Publisher Book Awards in Science Fiction for his novel Orphans.

KILLING IN THE NAME OF: Notes From the Chicago Indie Lit Scene

The questions are as follows: what makes for an indie lit scene, and does Chicago have one? The first person I ask is Zach Dodson from Featherproof publishing, because this is Chicago, and you sort of have to start with Featherproof.

In Conversation

What it Contains, What it Obscures

Full disclosure, I’ve had the great honor to recently work with five (mostly) debut authors—Neile Parisi (Today My Name is Billie), Sarina Prabasi (The Coffeehouse Resistance: Brewing Hope in Desperate Times), Judith Krummeck (Old New Worlds), Stephani Nur Colby (Walking with the Ineffable:A Spiritual Memoir (with Cats)), and Sharyn Skeeter (Dancing with Langston)—all of whom have written work that blurs fact and fiction.


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