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Ben Pfeiffer

BEN PFEIFFER’s writing has appeared in the Paris Review Daily, Fiction Writers Review, and the Kansas City Star. He is the assistant interviews editor at The Rumpus. Visit him at

Technoir at Light Speed

From the opening moments, when a naked man with a shotgun kills Detective John Tallow’s partner in a burst of intoxicating gore, Warren Ellis’s Gun Machine takes the reader into several ghost maps laid out over New York City like superimposed squares of vellum.

In Conversation

ADAM WILSON with Ben Pfeiffer

In his new collection, What’s Important Is Feeling, Adam Wilson unleashes 12 ecstatic yet recognizable fictional voices, each deeply his own and also somehow a fragment of contemporary cultural consciousness.

A Vaccine for Death Itself Eludes Us Yet

In her new book, On Immunity: An Inoculation, Eula Biss also explores how ideas replicate themselves and spread from person to person


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