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Ben Mendelsohn

BEN MENDELSOHN is a PhD student in Media, Culture, and Communication at New York University where he focuses on environment, infrastructure, and experimental film. He is currently developing a dissertation project and series of video essays about human earthmoving and the Anthropocene.

Correspondence: Ben Mendelsohn talks to filmmakers Peter Bo Rappmund and Hunter Snyder about contemporary landscape cinema and the politics of infrastructure

If you haven’t met before, let me introduce you. At the “Lines & Nodes” screening series in September, we'll be showing a film by each of you and I'd love to have you engage in an open-ended dialogue about your work.

James Benning and Peter Hutton

It is difficult to overstate the influence of Peter Hutton and James Benning, two towering figures in American avant-garde cinema and the standard bearers for a deeply attentive approach to landscape.

BAM’s Migrating Forms

This line marks the final moments of William Greaves’s deeply affecting 1968 television documentary, Still a Brother: Inside the Negro Middle Class.The film, a portrait of black political and economic aspiration during some of the most dramatic moments of the civil rights movement, screened as part of a Greaves retrospective at the Brooklyn Academy of Music’s Migrating Forms festival in December.


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