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Bec Zajac

BEC ZAJAC is currently residing between Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn and Melbourne, Australia. She is a part-time student, book publicist, writer, reader, and then some.

In Conversation

MORE THAN GORE: Ghita Schwarz’s Holocaust Stories

Adding to the canon of Holocaust literature is a daunting prospect for anyone. For a first-time novelist, even more so. But with Displaced Persons, Brooklyn local Ghita Schwarz has added a moving, original, and surprisingly humorous book to this genre.

In Conversation

ANNA FUNDER with Bec Zajac

The author of the internationally acclaimed nonfiction work Stasiland turns to fiction in order to dramatize the real stories of anti-Nazi activists.

In Conversation

Israel/Palestine and the Re-education of Sarah Schulman

Ever since her trailblazing work in the ’80s chronicling the AIDS crisis, Sarah Schulman has covered a lot of ground.


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