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Barnaby Ruhe

Barnaby Ruhe, Ph.D, is a shamanista, provocateur, and artist. He teaches "Shamanism and Art" at the Gallatin School of N.Y.U. Ruhe is a senior editor at and a six-time World Champion U.S. Boomerang team member. Ruhe is known for the "William Tell" maneuver: slicing an apple on his head with a boomerang.

This is Not the Article, Just Coffee Talk…

As if that were taboo … to dream … to feel. Bah. “The ineffable! We don’t discuss it,” the wary Clem Greenberg dismissed the spirituality in Pollock’s art, glaring at me, defensive, when I asked him this simple question that my own Ph.D. thesis in “Shamanism and Art” hinged on.


The Brooklyn Rail

SEPT 2023

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