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Barbara Cassidy

Barbara Cassidy is working on a project with Amie Hartman called Very Different People.

A Planetoid of Self: Mac Wellman

I was walking through Dia Beacon (the contemporary art museum in Beacon, NY) a couple of weekends ago, and as I left one enormous exhibition space to enter into another, I started thinking, firstly that I have no idea where I am in relation to where I came in, and secondly, this sooo reminds me of Mac Wellman’s book, A Chronicle Of The Madness Of Small Worlds, that it’s flipping me out a little.

In Dialogue

The Imperceptible Mutabilities of Susan-Lori Parks in 365 Plays And As Many Days Across The Whole Kingdom

Of course Suzan-Lori Parks is an amazing writer. I don’t think anybody would dispute that. But this aside, I feel a connection to her work I’m not sure I can put a finger on. ...


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OCT 2023

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