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Ashton Cooper

In Conversation

ART AND ACTIVISM: Talking Steubenville, ANDREA BOWERS In Conversation with Ashton Cooper

Several weeks ago, at the opening festivities for the Montréal Biennial, Ashton Cooper had the opportunity to sit down with LA-based artist Andrea Bowers to talk about her powerful piece in the show.

CHELSEA CULPRIT Blessed With a Job

The art historical canon is chock full of fallen women, Jezebels, and harlots, from Degas’s ballerinas to Picasso’s demoiselles.

IDA APPLEBROOG The Ethics of Desire

Ida Applebroog’s third show with Hauser & Wirth, The Ethics of Desire, is titled after a concern at the heart of Plato’s Symposium—how desires form the contours of our lives.


The primary exhibition image for the two-person show Queen (featured both on the press release and the gallery website) does not depict any of the paintings shown at Lyles & King.


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