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Armine Kotin Mortimer

Armine Kotin Mortimer was awarded the Palmes académiques honor in recognition of her distinguished work on behalf of French culture. She holds a PhD from Yale and is the author of numerous scholarly publications, including seven books. She has published translations of three French books, The Enchanted Clock by Julia Kristeva and Mysterious Mozart and Casanova the Irresistible by Philippe Sollers. Excerpts from twelve other literary translations have appeared in 3:AM Magazine, The Brooklyn Rail, The Cossack Review, Asymptote, Black Sun Lit, The Peacock Journal, The Critical Flame, The Northwest Review, Reunion: The Dallas Review, Lunch Ticket, and AGNI. CV available at

New York Cycle, a Diary

Fifteen years later, New York has changed. The twin towers no longer fill the view when you cycle down Fifth Avenue or rollerblade toward Downtown beside the Hudson. The East Village, Alphabet City, and the Lower East Side have gentrified. The Williamsburg Bridge has been repaired and now leads on both sides to neighborhoods inhabited by trendy young people.

A Permanent Passion

That month, November or December, I had actually decided to end it all. I had Betty’s revolver there on my right, I would look at it from time to time. I won’t forget that black stain in the drawer, the window open onto the wet courtyard, the narrow, badly furnished room, the obese, senile landlord coming in to shout in my ears, every other day, that I had again forgotten the light when I went out.


The Brooklyn Rail

MARCH 2023

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