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Ariel Stess

ARI STESS is a Brooklyn-based playwright and director originally from Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Going Down For It
Thomas Bradshaw’s Intimacy

“There are many things that we can talk about, but we all have to be on the same page regarding fearlessness. We’re never going to do anything because of fear.”

Unfolding Form: Daredevil, Gary Winter with Ariel Stess

This whole thing started because of my interest in nature. I was a city boy and nature came to me via the colorful tapestry of sky that loomed above the tenements…

In Dialogue

6 Translations, 4 Acts, and 11 Vanyas
New Saloon’s Minor Character

I first saw New Saloon’s work when I attended a reading of Milo Cramer’s at BAM in a rehearsal studio. Morgan directed it. Maddie acted in it. I came across New Saloon again during a Mabou Mines Resident Artist Program in 2014, which I was also participating in.

In Dialogue

From Great Lakes to Porto
KATE BENSON with Ariel Stess

Kate Benson’s Obie Award-winning play, A Beautiful Day in November on the Banks of the Greatest of the Great Lakes, was produced by New Georges in 2015 and directed by Lee Sunday Evans. Benson’s next play, Porto, which will run at The Bushwick Starr January 10 through February 4, will again be directed by Evans. Benson is also most likely performing in Porto.


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