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Ari Paul

ARI PAUL has covered labor and politics for the Nation, Guardian, Forward, Alternet and many other outlets.

ANDREW CUOMO: New York’s Scott Walker?

Occupy Wall Street supporters say he is another Scott Walker. The New York Post’s editorial board wishes he was.

A Groundswell of Teachers Wants More

Taking cues from the Chicago teachers strike, the new dissident caucus Movement of Rank-and-File Educators (MORE) is pushing for more democracy within the UFT.

WARNING: Vultures Eyeing NYCHA

Looking north, east, or west from the roof of my Williamsburg apartment building, you can see plenty of steel-and-glass condos either recently built or nearing completion. But to the south, red brick projects dominate the skyline.

Liu Makes His Case

As illustrated by a spate of recent endorsements, many progressives across the city continue to support John Liu, the recent trial verdicts notwithstanding.

TWU Rolls from Occupy to Business as Usual

A leading supporter of Occupy has opted to endorse the most Wall Street-friendly Democratic candidate for mayor.

Welcome Back, Spitzer?

As with any wealthy and politically well-connected white male in American society, disgrace wasn’t so bad for Spitzer.

Vice Squad Targets Williamsburg

Sometimes the Vice Media honchos orchestrate a promotional stunt with former basketball star Dennis Rodman and North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un. And sometimes they give large money to the campaign of Daniel Squadron.

De Blasio Time

Celebrations of Public Advocate Bill de Blasio’s defeat of the establishment candidates in the Democratic mayoral primary indicate that paradise is around the corner.

Watching the Watchdogs

While the office of the public advocate may be designed as a watchdog position, its current low budget essentially makes it little more than a bully pulpit for politicians on the rise.

The Quinning Strategy

Some believe that ever since she stepped on to the scene, Quinn has put her ambitions first, always eyeing a path to a higher office.

The Legacy of Occupy Sandy

Finally cooling off from a bike ride on a 100-degree summer day in an air-conditioned coffee shop with a cup of water, Shawn Carrié takes a moment before he offers his eulogy.


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