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Anuradha Vikram

Anuradha Vikram is a writer, curator, and educator. Vikram is the author of Decolonizing Culture (Sming Sming Books, 2017) and has written for art periodicals and publications from Paper Monument, Heyday Press, Routledge, and Oxford University Press. They are faculty in the UCLA Department of Art.

Warren Neidich: The Brain Without Organs: An Aporia of Care

At the Museum of Neon Art, The Brain Without Organs: An Aporia of Care, takes a radically deconstructive approach to the brain as a material organ and as an emblem of human intellect, the source of our unique evolutionary advantage.

The Impossibility of Existing in Los Angeles

Among the fossilized remains of creatures to be found preserved in the Tar Pits underneath Los Angeles, there was a single human woman. The La Brea Woman is at least 10,000 years old and the first known person that Los Angeles buried.


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