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Getting Trashed

I’m sitting in the dark in a yet to be used press tent pirating electricity and wireless as bugs crawl across my screen. How’s that for camping? It’s a few days ahead of the opening of the Bonnaroo festival in Tennessee.

Punk and 40: A Mid-Life Opportunity

I was in college when “Thirty Something” was on TV. At the time I was neither watching TV nor did I give a shit about 30-year-olds. But clearly my TA’s did, they were growing up, so-to-speak, because they were now seeing themselves targeted as a primetime audience. They had become adult consumers. Little did I know that my time would come.

Flower, Song and Kitsch: A Story of How Immigration Rescues Irony

Amidst the ghosts of empire’s graveyard, an apparition arises, a wondering soul from Conquest’s ashes, he commands, he conjures. With the wave of his hand, he reclaims irony, and sprinkles it like fairy dust upon the audience.

Is there Life after Reality TV?

Speaking to the Associated Press, John Fahey, president of the National Geographic Society, recently lamented, “Someone once said that war is God’s way of teaching geography, but today, apparently war or even the threat of war cannot adequately teach geography… More American young people can tell you where an island that the ‘Survivor’ TV series came from is located than can identify Afghanistan or Iraq.

Graffiti Basics

In environmental science it is axiomatic that when two ecosystems come into contact, such as a meadow and a forest, species diversity is most abundant. It is also true that in the urban street, the ecosystems of the personal and commercial worlds overlap, providing for diverse mental, psychological and spiritual ecology of the mind and soul.


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