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Anne Washburn

Anne Washburn's transadaptation of Euripides' Orestes runs through April 11.

Mysteries of the Vernacular

There is a place in theater for talky received naturalism. A lot of very good actors were trained up in it and are comfortable with it, and their bravura performances often justify what is a high charge-per-minute for a form more gracefully expressed in television and novels.

In Dialogue

Drenched: Emily DeVoti’s MILK

Anne Washburn: I suppose my question is, in setting a play on a working dairy farm are you writing about what you had, or about what you didn’t have?

excerpt from: The Internationalist

Lowell, an American on his first business trip to a unnamed west or west-eastern European country, is met unexpectedly at the airport by a beautiful colleague, Sara.


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