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Anne Marie Healy

ANN MARIE HEALY writes plays and fiction.

In Dialogue

The in-between spaces with Melissa James Gibson

When Melissa James Gibson's play [sic]— whose title, like its meaning, is indeed "exactly as written"— premiered at Soho Rep in 2001, I was really excited by the formal coherence of the production. Recently, I had a chance to read some of her plays on the page, and I realized that she had included all of the intricate choreography, sound design and architecture of the world in her original stage directions.

Little Theater/Theatre

Little Theater is a theater series at Tonic, a music and performance space on the Lower East side. In a world of increasingly competitive and formulaic Big Theater, Little Theater provides a venue for experimentation, and promises gritty prop-less glamour flanked by red velvet curtains, brief yet soaring bits of newly born theater, and a fully stocked bar.


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APRIL 2023

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