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Anna Mockler

ANNA MOCKLER’s novel, The Rat Hunt Boys, appears Spring 2016 from Unbearables/ Autonomedia. She was born in New York and has lived all over the country, where she performed the traditional jobs of a writer: insulation contractor, factory worker, office temp, waitress, printer, cabdriver, restoration ecologist, and English adjunct. She lives in Brooklyn.

Natural History of Dissolution

While every romance of the conventional style ends in a wedding, this history treats of the common experience of all unhappy couples, whose bonds do not link them to sources of love, delight, support, succour, or any of the deep wells they expected when they bound themselves together.

In the Fierce Light that Beats Upon the Throne

Even when you hear bad news face to face, you don’t hear it; you overhear it, that is, you hear yourself repeating what you heard.

3 stories

He’s abrupt with you because he’s busy. Because he’s preoccupied. Because he’s upset. Because he’s sad. He doesn’t want to make love to you because he’s tired. Because he’s depressed. You hurt his feelings. You cut your hair.

Masters of Despair

Some dally with despair, taking the occasional quick plunge but shaking it off and resuming their daily lives, shot through with hope. Others plod from day to day in quiet resignation. But a few souls have mastered the country of despair. They map its thickets and cul-de-sacs with practiced hand, needing to draw no contours, for the country of despair is a country without relief.


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