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Angela Dalle Vacche

Angela Dalle Vacche is a Full Professor of Film Studies at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta. She was born in Venice, Italy and lives in New York City. She is currently writing a book called Andre Bazin’s Cinema: Art, Religion, Science. Her specialty is the relation of film and painting which she has explored in monographs and anthologies: The Body in the Mirror: Shapes of History in Italian Cinema (1992); Cinema and Painting: How Art is Used in Film (1996); Diva: Passion and Defiance in Early Italian Cinema (2008); The Visual Turn: Classical Film Theory and Art History (2002); Color, A Reader (2006); and Film, Art, New Media: Museum without Walls (2012).


In the aftermath of the Holocaust and Hiroshima, the art documentary underwent an unprecedented flowering across Europe. Although T.W. Adorno had proclaimed that, after Auschwitz, poetry was barbarism, an intense interrogation of life-affirming creativity swept through Europe.


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