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Andrew Lampert

Andrew Lampert is an artist, archivist, teacher, and one-half of the creative consulting firm Chen & Lampert. Recent projects include co-editing the book TONY CONRAD: WRITINGS (2019, Primary Information), and co-writing the monthly column HARD TRUTHS for Art In America.

In Conversation

PETER KUBELKA with Andrew Lampert

Peter Kubelka discusses pulling pranks on Theodor Adorno, café service in Vienna, and co-founding both the Austrian Film Museum and Anthology.

An excerpt from The George Kuchar Reader

Some people climb mountains. Others drive trucks. George Kuchar made movies.

In Conversation

PETER KUBELKA with Andrew Lampert, Part 2

This is the second part of an epic, five-hour conversation interview with Peter Kubelka, who recently visited New York for the theatrical premiere of Martina Kudláček’s acclaimed documentary Fragments of Kubelka.

A Tribute to Steve Dalachinsky

Steve was a force of Nature, driven by compassion & curiosity. He was opened to everything & everyone. He was naked inside & outside with no boundary between.


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