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Andrew Farkas

Andrew Farkas’s Self-Titled Debut is available from Subito Press. He is currently an Assistant Professor of Creative Writing at Rocky Mountain College.

The Western Cannon

I ain’t gonna lie to ya. I first got interested in cannons back when I was in college. Back at Nusquam University. The Fighting Nuskies. (What’s a Nusky? What isn’t?)


An unlit cigarette dangled from my lips.

You Are Where I Am Not

I am not a real person. I am only words on paper. A narrator. A narrator of the first person variety. An invention. A fake. Or, if you prefer, an illusion.

Four Shorts

Welcome to the movies. Everything worthwhile in this film, this film that you will never see, appears in the trailer you are currently watching.

Identity Theft

While you read this your identity is being stolen, has been stolen. Before you were confident in who you were: you were yourself; before you were confident in who others were: they were themselves. You could not be them; they could not be you. Or so you thought until now when, you find, someone has broken the rules.

An Immaterial Message

hat worthless pothead, your roommate, so the rumor runs, has sent a message to you, the straight-laced student, the tired-of-staying-up-late-every-night-because-someone-won’t-let-you-go-to-sleep guy snoozing on the other side of the room;

Wordsworth’s Volcano

In lieu of a lengthy, written dissertation on William Wordsworth, Ethan presented his committee with a papier-mâché volcano entitled “Wordsworth’s England.”

The Divine Plan: Notes for an Unperformable Mise-en-Scène

1 We open on blankness. Then, from the heavens, God steps down onto the empty stage. (If God prefers to leap onto the stage or float down to the stage, you’d better allow it because, you know, this is God we’re talking about.)


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