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Andrew Ervin

Andrew Ervin is the author of the novella collection Extraordinary Renditions and the novel Burning Down George Orwell’s House. His most recent book is Bit By Bit: How Video Games Transformed Our World.

The Absolution of Roberto Acestes Laing

If the physical storage device for a work of art is destroyed—be it an Atari cartridge, VHS cassette, or 3.5˝ floppy diskette—what happens to the artwork itself? These days, probably not a damn thing. In this age of digital reproduction, there are likely to be more copies available a few clicks away on eBay. The aura is all but gone. Walter Benjamin is spinning vinyl in his grave.

In Conversation

Then I Put In My False Heart: SARAH ROSE ETTER in conversation with Andrew Ervin

In Sarah Rose Etter’s weird and wonderful new novel The Book of X, our protagonist Cassie is afflicted by a medical anomaly. “I was born a knot like my mother and her mother before her,” it begins. Each of the women in her family have their stomachs twisted into bulbous masses of flesh and muscle.


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