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Alexandra Hammond

Alexandra Hammond is a multi-disciplinary artist and ambivalent utopian. She was born and raised in northern California and is now based in Brooklyn.


Five stories with SWOON was a presentation of a multi-platform project by Caledonia Curry (the artist and activist also known as Swoon) at the Institute of Contemporary Art at the University of Pennsylvania.

Garden Dwellers

Described as “an Eden in the city,” the exhibition has little time for the shame of a disobedient Eve—nor the perpetuation of the Cartesian split between mind and body used by Western thought to subjugate women, colonized peoples, and nature.

ROBIN WINTERS Free Standing Sentence

Recent neurophysiological research suggests that comprehension of metaphors is grounded in sensory perception. Robin Winters’ Free Standing Sentence, now on view at Present Company in Bushwick, supports this idea.


Curated by Alexandra Fanning, the show includes two video works by Thai-Australian artist Kawita Vatanajyankur and an ongoing sculpture-performance by the Brooklyn-based Russian-American Liza Buzytsky.

RON BARON: Beyond, Beyond

The most elemental mode of human travel is on foot, walking. (The bipedal mode of transportation is considered a hallmark of Homo sapiens).

KATE HARDING: Uphill Downhill Conversation, (Sister)

Harding’s work is about the spirit of things, and the ways that things and beings communicate amongst each other in the spaces between and beyond language. For her, landscapes, animals, and even light are full of information that is available to us if we listen and look. Harding’s current installation asks occupants of the space to sit down and take part in this expanded conversation.


The Brooklyn Rail

OCT 2021

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