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Alex Chowaniec

ALEX CHOWANIEC is a painter, filmmaker, and new media artist based in Brooklyn.

In Conversation

DONALD KUSPIT with Alex Chowaniec

I sat down with renowned art critic Donald Kuspit, in an unsuspectingly loud coffee shop, to begin a conversation that I had thought about having for many years prior. The result, framed by the end(s) of art and of life, debates profound issues that shape our ways of being in the art world and beyond.

In Conversation

LYNN STERN with Alex Chowaniec

New York–based photographer Lynn Stern’s subversive images stare back. Her skulls, shot on black-and-white film, open up critical questions about death and dying in an ongoing exorcism that has lasted for over twenty-five years. I consider Stern equal parts sculptor and photographer.


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NOV 2023

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