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Albert Mobilio

Albert Mobilio’s most recent book of poems, Same Faces, is published by Black Square Editions.

The Master Builder

I was alone and sad because of a recent break-up. And, I suppose, I was more than a little desperate. The woman in the apartment next door let a pretty friend from Texas stay in her apartment while she went on a weekend trip—we were introduced in the hallway at our adjacent doors.

from Games and Stunts

Stand with the others in the fenced-in yard. Shoes drag through gravel and dust rises with each slow step.


A brutal cold had shouldered away any vestige of sunnier days as Mink hunkered down at what he judged to be the river’s edge. Snow so deep, he couldn’t tell. Holding a three-foot length of rusted pipe, a faucetless spigot at one end, he began spearing the base of a snowy crest.

Close Reading

It’s too brutal to believe. To suck it down till it stews spoils in my gut.

The Spelled Out Spark in Rooms; for Dan Flavin

Albert Mobilio’s books of poetry include Bendable Siege, The Geographics, and Me with Animal Towering. A volume is forthcoming later this year from Brooklyn Rail/Black Square editions.


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