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Aimee Molloy

Molloy is a New York-based writer, journalist and has written for Architectural Digest.

Soldiers Bring the War Back Home

When there’s a war going on around you, there’s not a lot of time to think. If there was, perhaps you’d have the presence of mind to avert your eyes when possible, to avoid seeing the things you’re doing, even if all you’re doing is following orders.

Shirley Chisholm’s Legacy

Writing in the January 1973 issue of Ms. Magazine, Gloria Steinem reflected on Shirley Chisholm’s recent run for the White House.

Local Activists Vow to Keep Fighting the Good Fights

Now that the election is over and the votes have been aptly counted (or not, depending on who you believe), New Yorkers are hesitantly accepting the harsh reality that George W. Bush is still our President.

How to Get to Gitmo

At a White House press conference this past June, a journalist asked President Bush what was to become of the nearly 500 prisoners still detained at the Al Qaeda detention facility at Guantanamo Bay. “I urge members of our press corps to go down to Guantanamo and see how [the prisoners] are treated…and to look at the facts,” the president responded. “That’s all I ask people to do…If you’ve got questions about Guantanamo, I seriously suggest you go down there and take a look.”

Excerpt from For God and Country

Ed.'s note: James Yee, former U.S. Army Muslim Chaplain at Guantanamo Bay, here recounts his experience at Gitmo's Camp Delta.


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