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Aaron Leichter

Graphic Novel: Hipster in a Hail of Bullets

Hollywood has probably already bought the rights to Shooting War, by Anthony Lappé and Dan Goldman. After all, the book made one leap already, from free web-comic to hard-bound graphic novel.

In Conversation


In April 2008, the ComicCon was still more or less a showcase for mainstream superheroics, but even there you could see hints of diversity. Manga, underground comics, and indie work weren’t easy to find, but they had more room than ever before. As the days grow longer, the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art will celebrate this diversity when it re-opens in Midtown Manhattan. The MoCCA holds its annual Art Festival at the Puck Building the first weekend of June.

FICTION: Fiction in a Flash

Theoretically, a story can be of any length, even as short as a sentence. But at that level, the definition of “story” breaks down, quantum-like, into unspecificity. Is it mere length that distinguishes a short story from an anecdote, parable, or sketch? These questions may cross your mind if you page through You Have Time for This, a collection of “short-short” stories edited by Mark Budman and Tom Hazuka. No piece in this anthology is more than 500 words, which makes it just long enough to read a bit during a TV commercial break or a trip to the restroom.


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