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Wyatt Sarafin

Wyatt E. Sarafin is a PhD candidate in English at Harvard University. He focuses primarily on contemporary literature, media, and art in the Americas. His essay on Chris Ware’s “diagrammatic epistemology” was published in ASAP/Journal.

Weng Pixin’s Let’s Not Talk Anymore

A spectral tapestry of mothers and daughters, a book of historical memory in the guise of a child’s scrapbook. The connecting thread for these tightly interwoven, intergenerational stories is the invisible labor of sewing, gardening, drawing, and painting.

Lisa Hanawalt’s
I Want You

An anthology of the author’s alternative comics years in the late 2000s and early 2010s, reprinted at the tail end of her popular animated show BoJack Horseman, is a gleeful but melancholy diary of a time in life best forgotten.

Kate Beaton’s Ducks: Two Years in the Oil Sands

A comics memoir, workplace drama, and, most fundamentally, a migration and generation story that’s specific to the Canadian provinces. Dilating and expanding moments of time, it subtly encompasses the quiet and unassuming tragedies that mark our present moment.


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