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Viviane A. Pistache

Viviane A. Pistache (1981) is a Black woman from the state of Minas Gerais. She is a psychologist, a screenwriter, a film critic and a PhD student. Pistache currently works as a researcher for the Department of Artistic Development for the Globo television network. She has previously worked as a development assistant at the production company Casa de Criação Cinema led by director Joel Zito and an assistant in the development of screenplays for O2 Filmes.

Cotton Candy in Grandma’s Hair

Dressed in a white coat, with blue eyes and authority the so-called Doctor certified: the woman had a Grandma the Portuguese would round up by lasso, the savage cabocla, a real bugre.

Algodão Doce é Cabelo de Vó

Vestido de jaleco branco, olhos azuis e autoridade o tal Dotô carimbou: Essa teve a avó pega no laço, cabocla selvagem, bugre mesmo. Por sua vez, a tal da avó sempre que podia, ostentava sangue português; preto, nem pensar, a vida lhe havia poupado dessa gota infame.


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