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Vanessa Clark

Vanessa Clark is an intersex trans femme author that has been featured in Harper?s BazaarPOPSUGARVice, and Them, and has written articles for Vox. Pronouns: she/they. Even though she lives in New Jersey, she is more than likely spending her free time at some of the best indie bookstores, parks, museums, and record shops in New York City. On social media, you can find her on Facebook (@vcerotica) and Twitter (@FoxxyGlamKitty). 

Something as Ordinary as a Smile

“The New Normal” already is no longer new, it is The Normal. As women and femmes of trans experience, we already know what struggle is, but what we know more than anyone else is how to survive and endure. Living is not easy, but being alive, I hope, will come more naturally once we realize that we have the ultimate power to learn and grow from all this.


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SEPT 2023

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