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Vanessa Ague

Vanessa Ague is a violinist, music blogger at, and the Development and Research Associate at National Sawdust. Her writing has appeared in Pitchfork, National Sawdust Log, and Tone Glow. She was a 2019 Bang on a Can Media Fellow, and holds a Bachelor?s Degree from Yale University.

In Conversation

MATT EVANS with Vanessa Ague

Matt Evans's solo practice explores the meeting place of our digital and physical worlds by juxtaposing acoustic and electronic sound, and takes a wide swath of inspiration from visual art, poetry, and philosophy. Perhaps fittingly, we discussed his creative processes and inspirations by video.

In Conversation


Brendon Randall-Myers is a composer and electric guitarist with a multifaceted musical history—from conducting the Glenn Branca Ensemble to performing Bach. His new album, dynamics of vanishing bodies (New Focus Recordings), written for the electric guitar quartet Dither, focuses on the use of psychoacoustic effects to explore the sensations of place and memory.


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