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Victoria Stephanie Uzumyemezoglu

Victoria Stephanie Uzumyemezoglu is specialized in art management, conservation, and restoration. She published an article on Iznik ceramic tiles of Turkey. She worked on curatorial projects and catalogue of the exhibition The Rise of Islamic Art at the Calouste Gulbenkian Museum of Lisbon.

In Conversation

BARBARA DE VIVI with Angela Brisotto, Victoria Stephanie Uzumyemezoglu, Sara Antoniolli, and Olga Lepri

After cheerfully strolling along a silent Venetian fondamenta in the still warm autumnal twilight, we meet artist Barbara De Vivi who leads us into her tiny studio. It makes such a contrast to leave the comfort of the warm sun to explore the grotto-like space where De Vivi, a Venetian emergent artist, colourfully layers mythology, ancient iconography, and contemporary imagery within her paintings.


The Brooklyn Rail

APRIL 2020

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