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Todd B. Gruel

Todd B. Gruel currently lives in Spain where he teaches English as a foreign language. His writing has appeared in publications such as A Closer Listen, Fluid Radio, Oly Arts, PopMatters, ThurstonTalk, Tiny Mix Tapes, and Washington Hospitality Association. Besides writing he also experiments with abstract photography and makes left-field music. His work can be found at

In Conversation

KEITH ROWE with Todd B. Gruel

I recall not wanting to become like the Modern Jazz Quartet, a group that represented “indifference” as lacking tension and invention. I preferred the daring of Fauvism, or the concepts of Analytical and Synthetic Cubism. Being drawn to anything disruptive, I stood against the opinionated establishment who were intolerant of any departure from the rules. I was hostile to anything popular.


The Brooklyn Rail

APRIL 2023

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