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Tim Maul

Tim Maul is an artist and art writer based in New York and Connecticut. His most recent exhibition was at Picture Theory in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. AFTERMATH, his collaboration with Irish poet Catherine Morris is available on Amazon.

Jennifer Bolande: Persistence of Vision

1986! That year the high tide of postmodernism and a vibrant market floated many boats. Locally, the art world cast a decadent eye upon glamorized readymades and cringe-y appropriations of biker culture. Jennifer Bolande’s eye, no less decadent, mediated the aftershock of the spectacle originating a complex body of work around, among many other things, splashes of milk, inert Marshall amps, and the neglected furniture in porn movies.

Facts of Light

Gowanus Brooklyn can resemble an Art Deco frieze illustrating the word “transportation” with active canals, bumper-to-bumper overpasses, and descending aircraft. Cathouse Proper at 524 Projects is one flight up and a corridor leads into a purposeful room two stories high with six windows, engineered solely for a late artist's contemplation and appraisal of his art. The space, that ethereal ’70s term for gallery or art context, is an appropriate host for Facts of Light (“FoL”) curated by (and including) Robert(a) Ruisza Marshall whose press release leans into the poetic permitting the art to register differently than overly determined art writing meant to cover all the bases.


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