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Tim Barry

Timothy Francis Barry has written for the Boston Globe, New Musical Express, Aesthetica Magazine, artcritical and His first column was under the editorship of Byron Coley at Take-It Magazine. Summers he operates Tim's Used Books in Provincetown, Mass., which book critic David L. Ulin, called his "favorite bookstore in America." (Los Angeles Times, 8-29-13) He lives in New York.

One And One Is Four: The Bauhaus Photocollages of Josef Albers

A forgotten 19th-century poet, the sad-sack hack writer, James Thomson, struggled against the grave until the age of forty-seven, eking out a living in a presumably squalid East London garret, writing copy for whatever miserable periodical would underwrite his diet of warm gin, fish and finger pies, and no dessert.

The Longest Journey

It starts with a murmur. Morphs, grows, extends, searches, unfolds. Doesn’t become a statement. Then, a scream, shock-corridor, cover your eyes, say it isn’t so. There’s no going back.

Vanishing Points, curated by Andrianna Campbell

But like that broken-nosed woman on the subway wearing one blue shoe and one black shoe, you can’t shake the image.

Social Medium: Artists Writing; 2000 – 2015

There’s a new art form in town. After the “End of Painting” and its rebirth, the rise and fall of minimalism, the up and down lifecycle of performance and multimedia art, newly coined movements and -isms now whiz by with dizzying speed.


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